Few Useful Tips to Avoid Some Simple Errors in Web Designs

The digital presence is very essential in today’s commercial market, as many customers prefer to use the online platform to make most of their necessary purchases. Therefore, the creation of a website is a must for every large or small company, even the startup ones. Some people design their own websites, if they have the required knowledge of the web coding and other essential software items. But they must be careful about a few common faults that they overlook, while creating their web design

Attractive view on every device screen – It is essential that the developed website should appear equally attractive on the screens of all kinds of mobile and computer devices. Moreover, the website should open easily in every browser, whatever the users choose to enter this website. So the web designer should check the compatibility of the website on all kinds of commonly used browsers; like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. The website should be tested for positive response in all screen resolutions, to be sure about its use in other devices too.

Modification of the images to fit all browsers – The web design of a site should be comfortably visible in all screens, without any distortion or getting blurred. So the web design should modify and balance the dimensions of the images and graphics used in the website, to fit all the screens suitably, with the help of special software.

Use of clearly visible fonts – The fonts of the web content should be chosen wisely, so that it is clearly readable by all the users. Hence, it is best to choose a font that is installed in all the computers and mobiles, so that it will appear the same in all kinds of devices. If any uncommon font needs to be used to make the website unique, it is better to embed it through JavaScript, in the form of graphics, instead of readable font, to ensure its universal clarity.

Application of suitable colors – The colors used in a web design should match the tone of the web content or the nature of that site, which will be able to put a visual appeal to the viewers on the first sight. But it is better to avoid too bright colors for the commercial websites, which can turn away the visitors.

Inclusion of sitemap – A sitemap should be included in the homepage of each website, which gives the idea of the total web content to the readers and it also helps them to read the selected parts, if so wished. The inclusion of sitemap increases the ranking of the website in the search engines.